Hub Con 2015

Forrest County Multi Purpose Center
962 Sullivan Road
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Events Schedule


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
September 11, 12 and 13, 2015

Updated as of 9/4/2015

Open Gaming All Day All Weekend!
Open Gaming on Saturday night may be tight but we should be able to squeeze all games in...
Events and times subject to change...

Games on-hand that just need a time and a day on which to run!

Ancients tournament(s), Games Workshop's Age of Sigmar, Fantasy Flight's X-Wing...

As soon as day/time/length information is received these games will appear in the schedule below, so please check back soon!


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Friday, September 11

  4 pm  
  5 pm  
  6 pm

Free State of Jones
GM: Robert Sutton, Scale: 25mm, Rules: Brother Against Brother, Players: 6, Length: 3 hours, Description:
This scenario is set in Jones County, Ms. There are Confederate deserters, led by Newt Knight, Confederate troops, and Union troops involved in this scenario. The setting has Confederate troops hunting down the deserters, Newt Knight and his boys avoiding capture, and Union troops, who may help or hinder the deserters. This story is soon to be a Hollywood film, starring Matthew McConaughey.

  6 pm

Vichy French in Syria against the British, 1941
GM: Stephen Wirth, Scale: 6mm, Rules: House rules modified Modern Warfare from Featherstone, Players: 8, Length: 4 hours, Description:
French must stop British relief column.

  7 pm  
  7 pm  
  8 pm  
Saturday, September 12 8 am  
  9 am

Art de la Guerre Ancients Tournament
See Art de la Guerre tournament page for details!
(updated 7/31/2015!)

  9 am  
  9:15 am  

10 am


Bolt Action Tournament
GM: Doug Whitenburg, Scale: 28mm, Rules: Bolt Action, Players: 20, Length: 3 rounds w/2 hours per round, Description:
1000 point lists from Warlord or EasyArmy only, all lists are due no later than the Wednesday prior to the tournament i.e. 9 September. Please send lists and questions via email to:

  10 am

Battle for Ashton House
GM: Stephen Wirth, Scale: 6mm, Rules: House rules modified from Featherstone, Players: 8, Length: 4 hours, Description:
TBD. Children under 16 w/adult, please...

  1:00 PM

D&D Miniatures Tournaments
GM: Chuck, the Man with One Name, Scale: 25mm, Rules: Dungeon and Dragons Miniatures Rules, Players: 24, Length: 6 hours, Description:
The first tournament will be a sealed booster tournament, where you borrow some premade boosters from the GM and construct a quick 200 point warband. Following that, we will hold a 200 point tournament where you construct a 10 figure force with no figure costing more than 150 points. Chuck may have a few extra warbands for this tournament as well. Factions and Alignments matter, so keep that in mind.

  1:00 pm

The Keep
GM: Ken Hafer, Scale: TBD, Rules: Captains & Kings (by 2 Hour Wargames), Players: 7, Length: 4 hours, Description:
Lord Gnarr has been using his keep on the river to charge tariff on every watercraft sailing up or down the river.  Lord North and Lord South have had enough, and have planned a joint action against him, to reduce the garrison of the tower and avoid the tariffs.  BUT, he who controls the keep, controls the river. 

  1:00 pm

Noords Menin - Se Wicing Swingen
GM: Stephen Wirth, Scale: 25mm, Rules: House Rules, Players: 8, Length: 4 hours, Description:
792 A. D. A new day. A comet was observed that winter. Britain did not have to wait long to find out what that omen foretold. Viking raids on Saxon villages. Plunder the Monastery, kill the Priest', rape the pigs, burn the village, drink the mead, and sell the women. Children under 16 with Adult please.

  1:45 pm  
  2 pm

Battle of Hobkirk's Hill, SC, 1781
GM: Steve Haller, Scale: 25mm, Rules: The Whites of Their Eyes (old school), Players: 4-6, Length: 4 hours, Description:
Lord Rawdon sallies out of Camden with 900 Loyalists and the 63rd Foot hoping to surprise General Greene's 1,200 Continentals and militia. (1:7 troop scale; 325 figures)

  5:30 pm  
  6 pm

Aerodrome World War I
GM: Lee Drake, Scale: 25mm, Rules: Aerodrome, Players: up to 8, Length: 6 hours, Description:
This is a walk-up event with players flying single aircraft on a variety of missions ranging from offensive patrol to trench strafing to balloon busting to bombing to straight-up dogfighting. Play one game or play many! Games last an hour or less and will be run until the last player goes down in flames!

  7 pm  
  8 pm  
Sunday, September 13 8:30 am  
  9 am

The Peninsula
GM: Ken Hafer, Scale: TBD, Rules: 95th (by 2 Hour Wargames), Players: 8, Length: 4 hours, Description:
Boney’s boys & Welly’s wags go at it hammer and tongs.  Each figure will control 4 – 6 figures.