Knowledge and Power: Reborn into a society that only values strength. – Blood of Dragons

Blood of Dragons

Lu sparred with each of the knights at least a dozen times. It was pretty entertaining, looking at their numbers and trying to guess who would win each battle. I found out pretty quickly the limitation of my power though.

The stats I saw were a way of understanding the world, but by no means were they controlling it. In some ways, they were no different than looking at the stats of a sports team and betting on their next match.

Still, there were reasons for how the fights turned out the way that they did, and those I could see. Lu consistently won against most of them, her skill making up for any discrepancy in size or strength. Beyond heavily drilled flawless movements, she also had a natural talent for fighting… But there was something else about watching her fight too that almost reminded me of another little girl with an oversized sword, one made of glistening moonlight. Some of the moves Lu was using, weren't ones that Mara had taught us either. 

The knights she lost to tended to either win mostly because of their intelligence, or because their own skill was closer to hers, so she couldn't completely make up for the difference in strength. After all, she was still only 13.

After a while things got pretty dull, although I admit, it was certainly interesting to see a lizard man for the first time… Or… a Reptilian, as he would be called in that world. From what I could tell, the girl with the curved greatswords was a half-elf, like Finlo, and the one with the hammer was an orc, but the others were all human.

I admit that I started a bit too long at a few of them out of curiosity. It was a little hard to believe they weren't just really good at cosplay, then again, they were hardly the craziest thing I had seen that turned out to be real.

After a while, the man with the red lizard scales walked over to me and sat down.

Chapter end

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