Born From a Forbidden Union, Humanity hates me. – Chapter 51: The Wind Corrupted Lord. (Part 1)

Chapter 51: The Wind Corrupted Lord. (Part 1)

It was different this time. The foe in front of the group was clearly different than any of the corrupted before it.

rThe fact that it was alone, and still strangely flapping it's wings patiently showed how much he belittled the three small things in front of it.

rIt kept looking, watching every single movement in his warped and non-colored field of view.

rThe three had in front of them the largest creature ever seen so far. From one wing to the other, it was estimated to be ten meters wide. With it's weird body shape, it was as high as five meters.

rEven in a room has large as the one they where in, and the width of the tunnel, you wouldn't expect such a creature to be around.

rThey began their attack against the Corrupted Lord. Karteira advanced further, to attract it's attention, and Orion-Amelia stayed behind to move around and slash it's body when an opening show up.

rThis was the rule when fighting single opponent. Rushing in and hitting randomly would be asking to be immediately countered.

rKarteira was ready to receive the enemy's attack, clad in her plate armor. Her left eye was glowing with the desire to get revenge on the one that hurt her in the past.

rOrion was preparing himself to move at the slightest sign of movement from the bug. He had his sight completely locked on him.

rHe couldn't underestimate such a monster now that he was unable to attack himself. The moment he lost the opportunity to strike stealthily, it was over. He could only rely on Amelia to deal with this one.

rGripping Amelia, he gulped, making it easier for her to feel how tense he was.

r'If anything turns wrong, I need to unleash his Second Gear. Taking us far away is a priority.'

rAmelia was already thinking about the worst case scenario, and it was a good thing. She was able to see the multiple way the fight could end at. But in the end, there was only three endings.

rThe group would win, the group would lose and flee, or they would all die in here. The result would only change by their choices during the fight.

rNow, there was nothing to think about anymore. The battle would start at any moment.

rWithout showing any sign, the first one to attack was the bug.

rThree wind blade instantly appeared from it's wings and flew straight to each of them.

rKarteira, knowing how sharp this attack was, simply side-stepped the attack on her left.


Chapter end

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